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VoiceOver Talent

I provide off-camera voiceover for nearly any product or service where a clear, compelling professional, female voice is needed.

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Marvelous Marva Had a Dream“, is a children’s story with a simple message that resonates with us all. Where would you go if there were no limits. What would you see? Do? Join Marva on amazing adventures and come away inspired to create a few of your own.

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Motivational Speaker

My approach, through humor and personal anecdotes, inspires audiences to begin dreaming again. Given permission, our imaginations unlock untapped potential that often goes overlooked because busyness, distraction and disappointments prevent us from seeing it. That was my story, until one day, it wasn’t. Book me for your event, conference or workshop and get ready to live, love and thrive in the life of your dreams.

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Dreams Do Come True

Although it took nearly a decade to be published, I imagined inspiring young readers and parents to someday find moments just like we did, to soar and be free. Today, based on customer comments and other feedback, I can finally say that dream has come true.

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