Tonya Scott Williams

author / talk-show host / public speaker / voiceover talent

I’m also a mom and former homeschool parent who’s determined to live her best, most authentic life now while encouraging others to do the same.

When I began to use my voice, not just the internal awakened voice, but my actual vocal cords, through speaking engagements, radio shows, podcasts etc., doors began opening. I realized that my gift is and has always been the spoken word and it continued to make room for me even though delayed, denied and at times doubted.

Today, I’m blessed to pour into audiences from the stage and studio inspiring women in particular to unlock their greatest potential by simply dreaming again. Many speakers and mentors have poured into my life helping me overcome obstacles along the way and now, I’m determined to do the same.

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Connected Women Win, hosted by Tasha M. Scott.

What I do

VoiceOver Talent

I provide off-camera voiceover for nearly any product or service where a clear, compelling professional, female voice is needed.

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“Marvelous Marva Had a Dream”, is a children’s story with a simple message that resonates with us all. Where would you go if there were no limits?

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Motivational Speaker

My approach, through humor and personal anecdotes, inspires audiences to begin dreaming again.

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Take the Mic Public Speaking Course

While there is no “one way” to speak, there is a way to communicate more effectively.

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Dreams Do Come True

Although it took nearly a decade to be published, I imagined inspiring young readers and parents to someday find moments just like we did, to soar and be free. Today, based on customer comments and other feedback, I can finally say that dream has come true.

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About Book

Imagination is a limitless gift awaiting exploration for those who dare to dream. That’s where we meet Marva, the remarkable girl at the heart of this story. Unhindered by time, or busyness, she takes readers on extraordinary adventures through worlds of her own choosing.

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…spoke with such ease and confidence. Truly a natural talent.

-Ron Simmons
VP Business Development, Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce

Absolutely amazing! She blessed us tremendously and I am so grateful.

-Debrika W. Person
Women’s conference attendee

Her message sparked a much-needed conversation for today’s woman… a powerful voice with an even more powerful message of hope for all to hear.

-Tasha M. Scott
Life Coach for Women in Business, Professional Speaker and Trainer, Inspirational Author

Tonya’s voice and charisma added such a vibrant brilliance to my book, “The Gateway to Entrepreneurship: Motivational Strategies to Invest in Yourself,” and beyond what I could have ever imagined.

-Darian O. Clark
Entrepreneur, Author, Motivational Speaker

You delivered an awesome message to all who attended our First Women’s Summit, (Women Impacting and Lifting Lives). God used you in a mighty way to no only inspire us, but for us to keep pressing forward and knocking doors down to follow our purpose! This is really a start of a new beginning for you!! God bless you on your new journey!!

-Sheyann Webb Christburg
Author, Activist, Youth Advocate, Humanitarian